Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fantastic Hits

Side A
1. Backstreet Boys-I Want It That Way
2. Britney Spears-Sometimes
3. Vengaboys-Boom Boom Boom Boom
4. Ann Louise & Emil Chow-Love of My Life
5. Steps-One For Sorrow
6. Toy Box-Teddy Bear
7. Layla Kaylif-Shakespeare in Love

Side B
1. Michael W. Smith-Do You Dream Of Me?
2. Daytona-Sleep Tonight
3. Michael Hutchence-Fear
4. Jessica Folcker-How Will I Know (Who You Are)
5. Stereophonics-Angie
6. BBMak-Back Here
7. Lutricia McNeal-365 Days
8. Jennifer Paige-Crush

Catatan Kecil
Album Fantastic Hits ini berisi lagu-lagu yang sempat jadi hits di akhir 90an seperti I Want It That Way (Backstreet Biys), Sometimes (Britney Spears), Shakespeare in Love (Layla Kaylif), Boom Boom Boom Boom (Vengaboys), One For Sorrow (Steps) dll. Overall kompilasi ini lumayan untuk disimak.

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