Saturday, February 8, 2014

No.1 Soundtrack Hits

Side A
OST-The Karate Kid Part II
1. Peter Cetera-Glory of Love
2. New Edition-Earth Angel
3. Gladys Knight & Bill Medley-Loving on Borrowed Time
4. Jean Beauvoir-Feel the Heat
OST-Top Gun
5. Loverboy-Heaven in Your Eyes
6. Kenny Loggins-Playing with the Boys
7. Berlin-Take My Breath Away
OST-Ruthless People
8. Mick Jagger-Ruthless People
OST-American Anthem
9. John Parr-Two Hearts
OST-Iron Eagle
10. King Cobra-Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)
11. Jon Anderson-Do You Want To Be A Hero

Side B
OST-White Nights
1. Lionel Richie-Say You Say Me
2. Phil Collins & Marylin Martin-Separate Lives
OST-At Close Range
3. Madonna-Live To Tell
4. David Bowie-Underground
5. Thereza Bazar-Gotcha
OST-Rocky IV
6. Survivor-Burning Heart
OST-Rambo, First Blood Part II
7. Frank Stallone-Peace in Our Life
8. Jon Anderson-Loved by the Sun
OST-Young Blood
9. Mr. Mister-Something Real (Inside Me, Inside You)
10. The Theme from Dallas (Dallas Dreams)-Artie Ripp & Black Gold

Catatan Kecil
Album ini berisi lagu-lagu soundtrack film populer di dekade 80an seperti Rambo, Top Gun, Rocky IV, Karate Kid II, Iron Eagle, Cobra, dll. Rata-rata memang soundtrack film action khas 80an, tapi tetap asyik untuk di dengar. Pengisi album ini antara lain Survivor, Peter Cetera, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Berlin, Kenny Loggins, dll. Mendengar album ini jadi kangen dengan film-film bioskop 80an. 

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