Sunday, September 27, 2015

Best Slow Hits 5

Side A
1. (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight-Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernard
2. Back For Good-Take That
3. Bizarre Love Triangle-Frente!
4. Cross My Heart-Nelson
5. Stay (I Missed You)-Lisa Loeb &Nine Stories
6. Dream A Little Dream-Chicago
7. For Whatever Reason-Supergroove
8. Until The End Of Time-Foreigner

Side B
1. One More Chance-EYC
2. I'm Sorry-Past To Present
3. Red Light Special-TLC
4. Close Our Eyes-Tiffany & Tommy Page
5. Keep Me From The Cold-Curtis Stigers
6. Look What Love Has Done-Patty Smyth
7. In To Your Eyes-Thomas Helmig
8. A Whiter Shade of Pale-Annie Lennox

Catatan Kecil
Kompilasi Best Slow Hits tergolong kompilasi yang mendapat sambutan yang cukup bagus di dekade 90an, Ini terbukti dengan dirilisnya kompilasi ini sampai seri ke 5. Di seri ke 5 ini menampilkan lagu-lagu hits maupun radio hits yang masih asyik untuk disimak seperti Back For Good (Take That), Red Light Special (TLC), Until The End Of Time (Foreigner), (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight (Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernard), Bizarre Love Triangle (Frente!), dll. 

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